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Walk and Talk Therapy

Step Outside

There's a reason behind the saying "go walk it off". Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress, maintain overall health and wellness, and improve our mood. With Walk and Talk Therapy we meet at a location convenient to you, typically within Stark Parks or the Towpath trail system. Other than meeting outside and taking a stroll while we talk, it is very similar to traditional psychotherapy. We continue to work on the issues you want to address and I continue to act as your therapist. For some people, this might even be a more productive approach to therapy. While working in Wilderness Therapy, I definitely noticed many clients more at ease when outside in nature, better able to open up and share. 

Although great for overall stress reduction and anxiety, Walk and Talk therapy can be particularly beneficial for those who are feeling, down, depressed and just "stuck" in general. Research shows adolescents responding positively to this approach as well, as it can release the nervousness some may find in an office setting.

If you think you would like to try Walk and Talk Therapy, please contact me below. First, we will set up an initial assessment (office or telehealth) which typically takes about 60 minutes. Here we will discuss issues of concern that you are dealing with and see if walk and talk therapy is right for you. Afterwards, we'll pick a convenient location best suited for you and get to walking and talking! 

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